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Pizza Hut

CSR Campaign


• Create awareness about the partnership between Pizza Hut and the World Food Programme

• Build an emotional connect between Pizza Hut and its customers

• Motivate people to donate towards this cause



People consider a coin as a very trivial thing. They think because of its little monetary value, it can’t buy anything. They don’t realise that what may seem of little value to them is actually, an invaluable provider of hope for many.

On visiting the website, we tell how a relatively small amount of 1 dirham can bring a world of difference in the lives of children in need.

Share a topping/hope

Pizza hut's online ordering system has quite a vivid topping gallery and interface.

Each topping costs about 4 AED and customers usually add 1 or 2. How about adding another topping button which would contribute an amount equal to the

cost of the topping to the WFP?

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