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Take me there

A little Lux can make any woman feel attractive – it puts her into the mood as every scent of the rich fragrance will remind her of her beauty and magnetic power.

The world of fragrance unlocks not only the senses, but the moods and emotions that have the power to bring a woman into a space where she feels attractive – she is transported to a state of being that cannot help but feel confident.

Here we are speaking with the voice of these women, calling on the irresistible fragrances of Lux to transport us to that emotional space where we feel beautiful, attractive and confident. The world of fragrance becomes the portal for our consumers to find that place.

On-Ground Activation

We will set up a circular secret garden maze with high hedge walls covered in flowers.

Each of the eight fragrances will have its own entrance. The entrances will be sealed at the start of the activation with a countdown timer.

Entrance Branding

Thematic Branding

As our customers enter the maze, they will be led through a fragrance journey, which will be customized for each fragrance entrance.

Fragrance Stand

Flower carts will be positioned throughout the maze with promoters offering visitors new insights into the world of that fragrance, demonstrating how the scents will bring them into a space of feeling attractive.

Fragrance Stand

Individual fragrance-themed backdrops will invite visitors to take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TakeMeThere for their chance to win the grand prize trip to fragrance capitals worldwide.

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